January 20, 2015: The Lighter Side

The Southwest Chief that operates through Kansas daily, actually overnight, operates over a route with quickly vanishing semaphore signals. These are rapidly being retired in favor of non-mechanical alternatives. Old technology meets new as a drone captures some of these classic semaphores in action.


December 23, 2015: Your Highway System, the Gift that Keeps on... Taking...

This USDOT blog post from the Federal Highway Administration deserves special attention. The wonders of the US Highway System "keep on giving?"

In effect the US Highway system does not give...

It takes...

It takes 35,000 to 40,000 lives each year. It takes an inordinate amount of taxpayer dollars to support. Kansas budgets somewhere near $1 billion annually for roads and the nation tens of billions. It takes your time and sanity, stuck in traffic holding a steering wheel. It takes your money, spent on gasoline, maintenance, insurance, and automotive depreciation.

When will our society realize there is a better way? Time spent on a train is your own. Rail transportation is safe. It does not come with hidden costs. It is clean and efficient. .

We invite you to comment on this story. Request more passenger rail service for the betterment of the nation and the world.
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December 16, 2015: Oklahoma Story Highlights Need

This is an excellent story from NON DOC magazine. Thanks to Rosemary Meacham-Zittel. Passegner Rail Kansas and sister organization Passenger Rail Oklahoma, continue, some fifteen years beyond our beginning to preserve and expand passenger rail in Kansas and the surrounding region.

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Brownback Opposes Kansas Amtrak Expansion:
This September 3, 2010 letter from then US Senator Sam Brownback shows one of the major barriers to Kansas passenger rail expansion. We at Passenger Rail Kansas, and our sister organization, Passenger Rail Oklahoma, await Governor Brownback's exit from Kansas politics.


Quoting from the letter:

“[U]biquitouspassenger rail service is not necessarily the best use of transportation funds. The overwhelming majority of Kansans rely on our state highway system and freight rail… which is why I believe we should focus our limited resources funding these programs.”

“We are waiting for Governor Brownback to leave office before we restart work in the Sunflower State” stated Evan Stair, Executive Director,Passenger Rail Kansas.

Stair continued, “Kansans need to realize the policies of the Brownback administration and the sitting Kansas legislature are not conducive to completing the Heartland Flyer corridor to Newton or better to Kansas City."

Passenger Rail Kansas membership looks to the future of regional passenger rail.  We support the Amtrak expansion case in the state as well as continuing to promote the Southwest Chief Amtrak train.  In the future, we hope to also begin work on passenger trains operating between Kansas City and Denver.


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