Passenger Rail Kansas News:
11/07/2007 Emporia, Emporia State University, Strong City Endorse Expansion
07/19/2007 KDOT Requests Amtrak Study
11/07 Emporia, Emporia State University, Strong City Endorse Expansion
The Emporia City Council endorsed the expansion of Amtrak service through Emporia to Kansas City that presently only operates between "Dallas" (Fort Worth) and Oklahoma City.  City Manager Matthew Zimmerman provided Passenger Rail Oklahoma with a copy of the resolution on December 6 and a letter voicing support for the expanded service.  Emporia was once a stop on the Southwest Chief route. 
According to Zimmerman's letter Emporia State University (ESU) also endorsed the route.  At a meeting on December 8, 2007 Marjorie Werly, ESU Director of Public Relations, claimed that an Emporia stop would be highly beneficial.  ESU has a growing international student population.  This student population has no easy way to travel to ESU from Kansas City International Airport and ESU is prohibited by state law from allowing state owned vehicles from providing transportation for the students.
The City of Strong City has also requested the expansion.  Strong City is a gateway to the Tallgrass Prairie National Park in the Flint Hills area.  The  Strong City Santa Fe depot is undergoing restoration.
07/19 KDOT Requests Amtrak Study
On July 19, 2007 the Kansas Department of Transportation officially requested that steps be taken to study both an expanded Amtrak route between Fort Worth and Kansas City and a connection with the Southwest Chief in Newton.

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